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Earth Crisis & Tough Love Fest 5

We have a couple shows coming up for the month of February and March.

First off, Earth Crisis comes to the West Coast for 2 shows in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking album “Destroy the Machines”, which will be played in its entirety. On Friday, February 5, we play support for the show at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma. On Saturday, February 6, we play support for the show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. More information is available on our SHOWS page.
















On March 26, SV comes back to the Inland Empire to play Tough Love Fest 5. This is a huge one day event taking place at the Grizzly Den in Upland and has some incredible bands, including Crown of Thornz, Hoods, Folsom, xDevotionx, Since We Were Kids, Drowning, Domination, No Altars, World of Pain, These Streets,  and a ton more!


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SV Spring Summer Calendar

2015 started off with a bang with some tight shows and we don’t see the point in slowing down now. In July we will be hitting Reno and Salt Lake City with Still Hated (SLC) and XDevotionX (Reno).  We haven’t played Reno since early 2014, and we haven’t played Salt Lake City since early 2000’s!

After that, we head back to Mexico for August! This will be year 2 of touring Mexico and if it is anything like our first year, it’s going to be incredible. Fri Aug 7 in Mexico City DF, Sat Aug 8 in Monterrey, Sun Aug 9 in Saltillo, Wed Aug 12 in San Luis Potosi, Thu Aug 13 in Tampico, Fri Aug 14 in Queretaro, and Sat Aug 15 in Guadalajara. We can’t wait to see all our Mexico family again!!!

September has us back home in the Bay Area (the last time was June 2014 in San Jose). This time we are down the way in Santa Cruz with the legendary Earth Crisis, One X Choice, and Bad Times Crew. Earth Crisis is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking album “Destroy the Machines.” This show is at The Catalyst, so make sure you get your tickets now as this one will be a banger!

Check our show list for more info or visit our FB page for details and event pages.

See you in the pit!

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SV East Coast poster2

We haven’t played the East Coast in over 13 years, so we figured it was about time to get back out there.  Memorial Day weekend, we are playing 2 shows with Saturday being in Philly, PA and Sunday being in Plymouth, MA.


Friday, May 23
Kung Fu Necktie
1250 N. Front St.
Philly, PA

Sworn Vengeance, Dysphoria, Knives, 1tba
Doors @ 8pm, Shows @ 8:30pm

Saturday, May 24
390 Court St.
Plymouth, MA

Sworn Vengeance, Laid 2 Rest, Mourned, Gator King, Can’t Win, Insidious
$10, Doors @ 6pm, Show @ 6:30pm

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Upcoming Shows – February and March

3 solid shows coming up for Southern California:


Friday, February 20
You Revolution Bar
Ave. Revolución 1009, Zona Centro, Tijuana MX
Sworn Vengeance, Worthiest Sons, Take Em Out, Curse of Life, New Breed, Versus Me
$60 ($5US), all ages, 7:30pm

SV TJ Square


Saturday, February 21
Tough Love Fest 4 Benefit Show
144 Second Street, San Jacinto, CA
Hammerfist, Sworn Vengeance, Worthiest Sons, Raw Dawg, OBK, Hazard
$6 entry and raffle ticket for 2 day pass to Tough Love Fest 4
All ages, 5:30pm


Sunday, March 22
Tough Love Fest 4
Clash City Studios

3175 Kluk Lane, Riverside, CA

DAY 1:  Sworn Enemy, Redeemer, World of Pain, Drowning, One x Choice, Raw Dawg, Beg for Life, Presagers, Domination, Judgement Day, Harsh Reality, Matriarchs, Impale Thy Neighbor, Torment

DAY 2:  2×4, Sworn Vengeance, Hammerfist, Frostbite, No Altars, 7 Serpents, Maya Over Eyes, Set Your Anchor, Black Sails, Runamuk, Burn Infinite, Ruinist, Hazard

$15 for one day, $25 for two day pass
All ages, 3pm
Tickets available at


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SV 2015

Happy New Year!

We’ve been a little quiet for a few months, getting some personal matters in order and prepping for this year.  We are working on a few things, but here is the latest:

sworn-vengeance-st-hood-primeval-picture-disc-10-pre-order-editionKnives Out Records has just released a split between us and St. Hood from Finland.  This release features 3 songs per band (two original and one cover song).  300 limited & numbered picture disc 10″ vinyl that are full die-cut, embossed and hand-numbered sleeve packaging on heavy textured paper with artwork by Justin Kamerer (The Acacia Strain, Unit731, Paradise Lost).  Get on this now, they will go fast and that’s it, you will never see them again!!!

We have also started writing new material with a goal of dropping some new jams by the end of the year.  In the meantime, we are remixing and remastering our one album we never released properly, “The Outstretched Arms of Damnation”.  Once all of that is prepped and ready to go, we will announce the release plans for it.

Our goals for this year are to hit the East Coast in Spring and get back to Mexico this summer.  We have just started planning these runs so stay tuned for more info.  We are also looking at a few weekend runs to the Northwest and Southwest US, in addition to a few shows up and down California.  We are hoping to be able to play out a lot more than last year and so far, things are looking good.  More info coming soon…

Add to that some new merch coming and 2015 is shaping up to be pretty awesome so far.  See you in the pit!!!


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Wednesday, May 14:  We met up with Rene, our booking agent for Mexico, at the US/Mexico border and proceeded to head across.  Our first show was in Tijuana at You Revolution with New Breed, Bestias, Don’t Tread On Me & & Curse Of Life.  After the first 3 bands had a few issues with the PA, we problem solved and got everything working for the last 2 bands.  It was a great set with a lot of energy from the crowd, which we appreciated.  We tried to wing a cover song at the end but it didn’t work out so well, yet everyone was cool about it and all in all we had a great time making new friends.  We headed over to our hotel and crashed out, prepping for our flight the next morning.

Thursday, May 15:  We caught a flight from TJ to Mexico City and met our other handler (and driver) for our trip, Alberto (the vocalist for Ultima Victima).  We loaded up our tour van and hit the road to Queretaro.  If you haven’t been to this city, go…  right now!  It is an absolutely gorgeous European style city with incredible food, amazing architecture and a pretty active night life.  We arrived at The Black Dog and loaded in our gear and were blown away by the club: a full back line with drums, killer sound system, projector, catered meal and a professional and friendly staff that were great to work with.  This night’s lineup was Soldier, Enough Has Been Said, Kicktime, Break The Plot and Just A Dream.  All bands were solid, with Kicktime having a street punk vibe and Soldier creating a blistering set with a ferocity and intensity that, admittedly, we were going to be hard pressed to follow!  In the end, we were very warmly received by the crowd and had a very fun set.  Fix from Soldier was kind enough to open his home to us that night, yet we were bugging him to let us stay permanently, as we really didn’t want to leave Queretaro.

Friday, May 16:  After a fantastic breakfast from Fix’s better half, Gabi, we took some pics and got on the long road to Monterrey.  Cruising through the countryside of Mexico was pretty awesome, actually.  The sights were beautiful and thanks to the expert driving of Alberto, we got to Monterrey a couple hours ahead of schedule.  Friday’s venue was Morfo’s Bar, and don’t let the name deceive you, this is a very large venue with a huge capacity, complete back line with drums, high stage and full sound system and light show.  Also, the show was free, so the turnout was monstrous.  The lineup consisted of Cabeza de Perro, Granada, Le Mat, Me vs Me, Deltoro & El Leon.  It was an interesting mix, with bands ranging from old school to screamo to full on metal.  These are the kinds of shows we like because of such a mixed crowd.  Again, very solid bands with El Leon bringing a very direct hardcore style to the show, Cabeza de Perro having a full on NRSV party vibe to their set, as well as Argentina’s Granada: an apocalyptic metal assault that was just pissed off and heavy as hell.  We played at somewhere around 1am to a very packed house and loved every minute of it!  We were told the Monterrey scene is a hard one to win over, but by the end of the set we had kids just going nuts, which we loved.  When we ended the set, everyone started chanting “One More Song” and picked Ryan up (who had jumped off the stage and into the crowd) and threw him back on stage to do an encore.  From there, we headed over to Alex’s (frontman for CDP) apartment complex for an insane party that went until 6am, making all kinds of new friends and having a great time.  We have no idea how we got up 3 hours later for our next show, but we did it.

Saturday, May 17:  Early to rise as we started on the road to Guadalajara.  The drive was very peaceful, with the opportunity to pass through a lot of small towns, villages and farm country.  We got into Guadalajara early evening and set up shop at Doña Diabla, a small bar about 15 blocks from the historic district of the city.  We were told that Fear Factory and POD were having a free show in town, so the turnout might be a little small, but we didn’t care.  As far as we were concerned, those that came out were in store for the best show we can put on.  After heading to the historic district for some food and sight seeing, we got back to the club and watched ROT, Beneath the Horror, Siempre Fuertes & Crisis.  The kids went off hard for us and sang along, which we loved.  This was a fun club with a great group of kids and we had a hell of a time playing!  Afterwards, we hung out for a while, made friends and danced to 80’s music.  Our hotel was right across the street, so after we said our goodbyes we got some rest, knowing tomorrow was going to be our last show.

Sunday, May 18:  On the road to Mexico City DF!  Rene and Alberto had a surprise for us and took us outside of the city limits and to the Teotihuacan Pyramids.  This was something we really wanted to see so it was a treat for us.  We all hiked up to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, where we took some more pics.  It was truly amazing to hike up a structure that has been there for 1900+ years, as Rene was giving us the entire history of the area and civilization that once inhabited it.  After a great time there, we packed in and headed over to Chupa Cheve, which happens to be directly across from the famous lucha libre site, Arena Mexico.   Because of our side trip to the pyramids, we arrived a little late, but the lineup for the DF show was Ultima Victima, A Call For Revenge, Por Cada Enemigo, Destroyer, ROT & Mordum.  The last two bands set if off like crazy, with kids going nuts for A Call For Revenge (who was doing a video shoot) and Ultima Victima (Alberto’s band – on Eulogy Recordings).  When we finally hit the stage, kids were pretty amped.  There were a couple confrontations in the crowd (hey, it wouldn’t be an SV show without one), but overall it was an awesome set with people dancing hard and having a great time.  We hung out long afterwards, catching up with people, making new friends, taking a lot of pics with people and coming to grips with the fact that the tour was over; that was the last show.  We were heartbroken, so Rene and Alberto took us to get some of the best pozole we have ever had.  We crashed at Alberto’s house for a few hours before catching a very early flight back to TJ.

Monday, May 19:  We arrived at Tijuana Airport and got our gear all loaded up in our car and said our goodbyes.  After a quick trip through Border Patrol, the guys were dropped off at San Diego airport while Ryan continued back to his home in LA.  Though exhausted and fighting some colds we picked up along the way, none of us really wanted to come home.  We hadn’t just made friends, we made new family members and were humbled by how amazing Mexico treated us.  It was truly an experience we will never forget and we cannot wait to come back, see everyone again, play some shows, get some great food and have a lot of fun.  We miss you, Mexico, but we WILL be back soon!!!


-Venganza Jurada IMG_4983

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